About Good Things Company

Good Things Company was established in 1975. Today, after more than forty-five years, Good Things Company is still owned and operated by Dr. Mary Lou (Farris) Knowles’ family.

The purpose of Good Things Company remains the same: To provide products that promote and improve the reading and understanding of the Holy Bible for the Glory of GOD.

Today Good Things Company offers products that are being used worldwide by ministers, Sunday school teachers, seminaries, missionaries, chaplains, church and home schools, families, and individual Bible readers.
Also brand new Christians are helped immensely by the chart and all these very basic and fundamental products.

Good Things Company is more than a business––it is a ministry! Through the years, thousands of products have been donated to Prisoners and Prison Ministries. How better to change a person’s heart than through Knowing Jesus. We receive many letters from prisoners, stating they have been ‘born again’, have ‘time’ now and would like charts to follow as they read the Bible.  See the note from the ‘Son of Sam’ under the Testimonials Tab.

Another area that is dear to our heart is the Home School Movement and also Christian Schools. This is not to say that we are against Public Schools. Our family actually is made up of many public school teachers and coaches that are Christians. However, with the world tumbling downwards, it is becoming more evident that the Christian values that we adhere to and aspire to are allowed less and less in the public classroom.

We have the best customers in the world! We appreciate YOU and your business and hope that you find our products to be of high quality and very useful.

Please share our products with your friends and family! 



Over 45 Years!